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1. Triumph (Shipbuilding)

2. Farewell (The immigrant song)

3. Maiden voyage

4. New York suite in C Major

5. Sub Astris (Under the stars)

6. Kyrie

7. SOS (Tract)

8. Distress (Confutatis)

9. Salvation (Gradual)

10. Reflections

11. Daybreak (performed by Mario Frangoulis)

12. Christmas day (performed by Isabel Suckling)

13. Libera me

14. Don’t cry alone (performed by Robin Gibb)

15. In paradisum (Awakening)

The Titanic Requiem: Performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 2012 (CD)

Robin Gibb and his son Robin-John Gibb composed this requiem to be released and performed in time to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. They composed it from the fall of 2010, through 2011, and the CD was released in March 2012. Robin was during this time diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment. He also had a few operations as he was suffering from twisted intestines, the same condition that took his brother Maurice’s life in 2003. Robin threw himself to work during this rough time, and the result is this masterpiece.

The Titanic Requiem is very much a traditional classical piece, and it is beautiful! I really like ”Maiden voyage”, ”New York suite in C Major”, ”Sub Astris”, ”Reflections”, ”Daybreak”, ”Christmas day” and of course Robin’s solo song ”Don’t Cry Alone”. Some of the traditional pieces have big Latin mass choirs, such as ”Triumph (Shipbuilding)”. These kind of songs are normally not in my taste, but this is so beautifully done. My hat off to Robin and RJ for making this album.

Robin and RJ has written a track-by-track commentary where they explain what they thought about when writing each song, and what kind of feelings the different tracks wants to convey. So reading the booklet while listening helps to get in the mood for each song.

I saw the premiere performance of The Titanic Requiem. It was transmitted live on the Internet on the 10th April 2012 from Westminster Central Hall in London. Robin Gibb was supposed to sing his song ”Don’t cry alone” live this night, but since he had developed pneumonia and could not be there they had to use the recording instead. It was very emotional when Robin’s voice filled the hall in this beautiful song and at the end Robin received a long standing ovation from the audience. I really hope he was well enough to see it live from his hospital bed. After that he slipped into in a coma that lasted around 10 days. I really thought we would lose him then, but today (22 april 2012) he seems to have waken up. Thanks to his family who was around him all this time, singing to him, trying to make him wake up.

My final words now in April 2012 is this: Get well Robin! We are not yet ready to lose you and your voice. You have much more to contribute to this world, most of all of course to your family but don’t forget your music to us fans and the rest of the world. I am so much looking forward to hear more songs from you in years to come. I really hope that you will pull through and get better. My thoughts are with you.

Update May 21st 2012: Robin Gibb is dead! He lost the battle against his cancer. My heart goes out to his family. This is all so sad, but I am thankful for all the music he and his brothers have given us through the years.