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This is the first solo album from Robin Gibb in 17 years. The last one he did was "Walls Have Eyes" from 1985.

He recorded this album during 2002 and released it in England in the beginning of February 2003. Robin's twin brother Maurice Gibb unexpectedly died on the 12th of January 2003 and Robin had a very hard time to promote this album. He had a few promoting appearences in Europe only a few weeks after the death of Maurice but he, understandably, had to cancel a few appearances due to his grief. Thank you Robin for even trying.

The album is surprising in a few ways. There are only one new Gibb song on it, and it was even co-written with someone else. Two old Gibb-songs appears on the record but re-arranged to a more contemporary sound.

The overall impression is that it is very modern and the sound is very far from the Bee Gees and I suspect that was the point with the record.

Magnet, Robin Gibb, 2003 (CD)

So, what do I think about it ?

To start with, and I have said it before, Robin's voice is as good as ever (if not better) and he sings very good throughout the album. I really love "Please", the first single from the album. It's a very strong song and I would have guessed it to be a Gibb composition if I hadn’t read that it wasn't. "Don't wanna wait forever", "Special" and "Inseparable" are also good songs and he really makes a superb version of "Love hurts".

The Gibb song "Wish you were here" is rewritten in parts, both in melody and lyrics. It's good but I really prefer the original Bee Gees version from 1989. It should remind us of Andy as it was written with him in mind after his death in 1988.

"Another Lonely Night In New York" is interesting in it's re-arranged version. The original version is a very strong song and I think that Robin has made a very good new interpretation of it.

"No doubt", "Don't rush", "Watching you" and "Earth angel" are very repetetive and sounds a lot like any other new song you can hear and see on MTV, and that is not completely to my liking. I often find myself skipping to the next song when I hear "Earth Angel". I suppose I am to old for this.

I really love Robin's voice and his creativity, his refusal to stay in one place musically for too long (as the Bee Gees always have reasoned). This album is yet another proof of that. He really wanted a contemporary sound on this album and he got it. I only miss the Gibb compositions. I have so much faith in that man so I am certain that he is able to write new, contemporary, and even better songs by himself (or together with Barry). Why he didn't did it this time I don't know.

The tracks:

1. Please (4.35) (Michael Graves / Errol Reid)

2. Don't wanna wait forever (4.23) (Graham Dixon / Grant Mitchell / Paul Holmes / John Purcher / Gary Miller)

3. Wish you were here (3.13) (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)

4. No doubt (3.40) (Deconzo Smith / Kenneth Mangram)

5. Special (3.43) (Deconzo Smith /Judd Mahoney / Mike Hamilton)

6. Inseparable (3.32) (Robin Gibb & Deconzo Smith)

7. Don't rush (3.59) (Deconzo Smith /Emmanuel Officer)

8. Watching you (3.59) (Deconzo Smith /Emmanuel Officer)

9. Earth angel (3.58) (Deconzo Smith /Emmanuel Officer)

10. Another lonely night in New York (4.34) (Robin & Maurice Gibb)

11. Love hurts (3.56) (Boudleaux Bryant)