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The Record, 2001 (CD)

This is a double CD and a "Greatest Hits" package, released in November 2001. I have two versions of the album, the one with 40 songs and a "Special Edition" released in UK with 42 songs. The two extra songs are "My World" and "Jumbo".

There are a few odd things about this package, "How can you mend a broken heart" has another vocal than the original song, this one is sung entirely by Barry. Another thing is that some of the songs are early faded compared to the original and the initial piano note on "Lonely days" is a little bit chopped off.

There are also some new Bee Gees recordings of songs never before released by the Bee Gees; "Emotion", "Islands in the stream" and "Heartbreaker". The original demo of "Immortality", where Barry sings in high falsetto, is also included.

CD 1:

1. New York mining disaster 1941

2. To love somebody

3. Holiday

4. Massachusetts

5. World

6. Words

7. Jumbo

8. I've gotta get a message to you

9. I started a joke

10. First of May

11. Saved by the bell

12. Don't forget to remember

13. Lonely days

14. How can you mend a broken heart

15. My world

16. Run to me

17. Jive talkin'

18. Nights on Broadway

19. Fanny (be tender with my love)

20. Love so right

21. If I can't have you

22. Love me

23. You should be dancing

CD 2:

1. Stayin' alive

2. How deep is your love

3. Night fever

4. More than a woman

5. Emotion

6. Too much heaven

7. Tragedy

8. Love you inside out

9. Guilty

10. Heartbreaker

11. Islands in the stream

12. You win again

13. One

14. Secret love

15. For whom the bell tolls

16. Alone

17. Immortality

18. This Is Where I Came In

19. Spicks and specks