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I have the version of the CD with the two bonus tracks. Once again they surprise us old fans with their shifting music styles. The new sounds are being thoroughly discussed on some mailing lists and discussion groups on the Internet. Some don't like the new approaches, the raw sound of "This Is Where I Came In" and "She keeps on coming" and the early music style of "Technicolor Dreams". The trademark high harmonies are almost not there at all. But the ability to change was one of the reasons I started liking them in the first place. Remember after "fever" when "Too Much Heaven" was released. On the same single they released a country song "Rest your love on me", far away from the falsetto sound of the rest of the "Spirits Having Flown" album. They have done so on numerous occasions, the follow up of the "Spirits"-album was "He's A Liar" from 1981, a real style changer from the previous falsetto songs and the discussion was the same then. The reason for this is that they are very creative people and refuses to stay in the same place for too long, and I love them for that.

Apart from all of the above I do feel that they have not put as much effort in this album as they have with all previous albums since "Main Course" in 1975. I am sorry to say that no song reaches the high standard I expect from a Bee Gees song. After the blending beauty of the songs from recent superb albums like "Size Isn't Everything" and "Still Waters" this feels very experimental and half-hearted to me. Every time I hear "Alone" or "For whom the bell tolls" I stop what I am doing at the moment and just listen, and the songs blow me away. There just isn’t any such song on this album. I can't really explain it because I really like most of the songs when I hear them ("Sacred trust", "Wedding day", "Deja vu", "Technicolor dreams", "Walking on air", "Loose talk costs lives" and "Embrace"). It's more of a general feeling that that "extra" is missing, and there are at least  two songs I don't like at all; "Voice in the wilderness" and "The extra mile". I know that they recorded at least 10-15 songs more than they choose to be on the album and I believe that some of them (”Sensuality” for one) are better than the songs that ended up on the album, but I guess we will never really know.

"This is where I came in" reminds me of "2 Years On" from 1970, because that album also had songs done by the individual Gibb brother. It's an album put together by solo work from each one of them and only a few songs collectively written. Sometimes it's really nice to hear what each individual can do, but the real magic comes when all three works together as the Bee Gees.

Robin's voice however, just gets better and better and "Just in case" and "I will be there" are terrific songs, but they are not on the album! "Just in case" is a bonus track on some countries release and "I will be there" exists only on the CD-single. I can't ever figure out their priorities, they almost constantly leave out among the best songs from the albums and only put them on the singles! One very good example is the song "855-7019" from 1993, it was far better than "Anything for you" that was put on the album and because of that very few people got to hear this amazing song.

1. This Is Where I Came In

2. She keeps on coming

3. Sacred trust

4. Wedding day

5. Man In The Middle

6. Deja Vu

7. Technicolor Dreams

8. Walking On Air

9. Loose Talk Costs Lives

10. Embrace

11. The Extra Mile

12. Voice In The Wilderness

Bonus tracks:

13. Just In Case

14. Promise The Earth

This Is Where I Came In, 2001 (CD)

This was to be the Bee Gees last album, released in April 2001. We didn't know it at the time, but on the 12th of january 2003 Maurice Gibb unexpectedly died which made it impossible to record another Bee Gees album.

Whatever Barry and Robin will do together without Maurice it will be under another name. Robin has declared that the Bee Gees name will not be used without Maurice and will be reserved in history as the three of them. But as far as I know there are hundreds of songs already recorded by the Bee Gees and never released, so we will see what happens in the future. And by now (2010) nothing has really appeared except for a few Greatest Hits compilations.

And in May 2012 all hope was gone forever when Robin died.

Ok, back to "This is where I came in"