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This album was released in 1997, their first album release since the 1993 album "Size Isn't Everything".

Many consider this album to be the best they have ever done. Although I really love it, I tend to think that "Size Isn't Everything" is a little better, but that may depend on what day it is and what I feel like. But I do love the album and always comes back to it. ”Alone” is a superb song.

I also have the Japanese version of the album which includes two really great bonus tracks. They can also be found on some of the released singles.

1. Alone

2. I surrender

3. I could not love you more

4. Still waters run deep

5. My lover's prayer

6. With my eyes closed

7. Irresistible force

8. Closer than close

9. I will

10. Obsessions

11. Miracles happen

12. Smoke and mirrors

Bonus tracks on the Japanese version:

13. Rings around the moon

14. Love never dies

Still Waters, 1997 (CD)