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This album was released in 1991. The sound is more complex than on any previous record. It's funkier and it sounds a little like an experiment with electronics to me.

There are some really good tunes, but the overall impression, due to the heavy use of electronic sound, is a little "cooler" than the average Bee Gees album. "Secret love" has a Motown/Supremes sound, "Happy ever after" is a very good romantic song and the funky "Dimensions" with Maurice on lead vocal is great. All songs are very clever but I can't really figure out "Party with no name".

1. High civilization

2. Secret love

3. When he's gone

4. Happy ever after

5. Party with no name

6. Ghost train

7. Dimensions

8. The only love

9. Human sacrifice

10. True confessions

11. Evolution

High Civilization, 1991 (CD)