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This album was released in a box of 4 CD's in 1990. It consists of material from 1967 to 1990.

The first CD begins in 1967 and ends in 1970. Some of the songs have been remixed to achieve higher sound quality and some are presented in stereo for the first time.

The second CD begins in 1971 and ends in 1974. Some songs are taken from the unreleased album "A Kick In The Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants" from 1973.

The third CD begins in 1975 and ends in 1979. This record represents the "Helium Years" , that is their very intense falsetto period spanning the years just before and after Saturday Night Fever.

The fourth CD begins in 1981 and ends in 1989. Apart from true Bee Gees songs, it contains songs from both Barry's and Robin's solo records, but it´s a real shame that "Shine, shine" and "I am your driver" is missing. I really miss some other songs too, especially Bee Gees studio/demo versions of songs they wrote for other people. Some songs recorded live from the "One for all tour" in 1989 is included, for instance "Juliet" and live versions of "Islands in the stream" and "Heartbreaker".

Tales From The Brothers Gibb, 1990 (CD)