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This album was released in 1987 and was the first real Bee Gees album since "Living Eyes" from 1981.

The single "You win again" was a huge hit here in Europe but, as I understand it, did not do well in the states.

Other strong cuts are "E.S.P", "Live or die", "The longest night" and "Angela". For this recording they once again teamed up with Arif Mardin who produced "Mr Natural" and "Main Course".

1. E.S.P

2. You win again

3. Live or die (hold me like a child)

4. Giving up the ghost

5. The longest night

6. This is your life

7. Angela

8. Overnight

9. Crazy for your love

10. Backtafunk

11. E.S.P (Vocal reprise)

ESP, 1987 (CD)