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This was Barry Gibb's first solo album, released by Polydor in 1984. I love this album but I believe it was not a hit, although "I am your driver" and "Shine shine" got a lot of airplay here in Sweden in 1984.

I have burned my LP to CD and included the unreleased instrumental "Theme from Now Voyager". I have also received copies on CD-R from people with the officially released CD.

I also have the official DVD of the movie.

Side 1:

1. I am your driver

2. Fine line

3. Face to face (duet with Olivia Newton-John)

4. Shatterproof

5. Shine shine

Side 2:

1. Lesson in love

2. One night for lovers

3. Stay alone

4. Temptation

5. She says

6. The hunter

Now Voyager, Barry Gibb, 1984 (LP/CD)