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The movie and the soundtrack was released in 1983. The Bee Gees did half of the music but it was not properly used in the movie.

The producer, Sylvester "Rocky" Stallone, had his brother Frank Stallone do the rest of the music and his songs were given much more space, although I think the Bee Gees songs were superior. Their songs were often killed in the middle of a verse and never used again within the movie.

This CD contains five Bee Gees compositions.

Bee Gees songs:

1. The woman in you

2. I love you too much

3. Breakout

4. Someone belonging to someone

5. Life goes on

6. Stayin' alive (fade out)

Frank Stallone's songs:

7. Far from over

8. Look out for number one

9. Finding out the hard way

10. Moody girl

11. (We dance) so close to the fire

12. I'm never gonna give you up

Staying Alive, 1983 (LP/CD)