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This album was released in 1981 and marked another musical change for them.

After the energetic falsetto songs from "Children Of The World", "Saturday Night Fever" and "Spirits Having Flown" they returned to some heartaching ballads, natural voices and Robin's melodramatic voice. Only one of the songs, "Soldiers", has a falsetto lead vocal.

The disco period was over and they tried a new approach with this album. Due to their over-exposure the last years this album pretty much failed. I personally think it's a very good album and I always comes back to it from time to time.

1. Living eyes

2. He's a liar

3. Paradise

4. Don't fall in love with me

5. Soldiers

6. I still love you

7. Wildflower

8. Nothing could be good

9. Cryin' every day

10. Be who you are

Living Eyes, 1981 (LP/CD)