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This album was released in 1974 after "Life In A Tin Can". The finished record "A Kick In The Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants" was supposed to follow "Life In A Tin Can" but it was never released. I have it as a bootleg and is actually a very nice album.

The record company called a famous producer, Arif Mardin, who had worked with top soul artists and asked him to produce an album for them. The result was Mr Natural and the album marks a change in how the songs were performed. There are some very strong cuts on this record, but it was not a great success, even lesser sales than the previous "Life In A Tin Can". But it certainly made a promise of what was about to come, next year they did "Main Course".

1. Charade

2. Throw a penny

3. Down the road

4. Voices

5. Give a hand, take a hand

6. Dogs

7. Mr. Natural

8. Lost in your love

9. I can't let you go

10. Heavy breathing

11. Had a lot of love last night

Mr Natural, 1974 (LP/CD)