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This is Robin Gibb's first solo album, recorded in 1969 after Odessa and the split of the Bee Gees, and released in 1970.

I have at least three copies of the LP, one with an extra song "One million years". I believe that is the German version. I also have it on a few CD-R's (I burned one version from the German LP version, no scratches).

Side 1:

1. August October

2. Gone gone gone

3. The worst girl in this town

4. Give me a smile

5. Down came the sun

6. Mother and Jack

Side 2:

1. Saved by the bell

2. Weekend

3. Farmer Ferdinand Hudson

4. Lord bless all

5. Most of my life

Extra song:

6. One million years

Robin’s Reign, 1970 (LP/CD)

Edit 2015-06-14: At last! The Robin Gibb songs from 1968-1970 have been properly released on a 3 disc CD!

Robin’s Reign and Sing Slowly Sisters have been remastered and released together with an extra disc with rarities.

Take a look at Saved By The Bell - The Collected Works Of Robin Gibb 1968-1970.