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This double album was released in 1969. It is a very fine album which have three instrumental songs, described as "symphony" type with great orchestra arrangements. Other great songs are "Melody fair", "First of May" and "Lamplight".

Some think of this record as their masterpiece. I think they even had that as a working title, or rather "Masterpeace", before they named it "Odessa".

Bee Gees split for a while after this album.

1. Odessa (city on the black sea)

2. You'll never see my face again

3. Black diamond

4. Marley purt drive

5. Edison

6. Melody fair

7. Suddenly

8. Whisper, whisper

9. Lamplight

10. Sound of love

11. Give your best

12. Seven seas symphony

13. With all nations (International Anthem)

14. I laugh in your face

15. Never say never again

16. First of May

17. The British opera

In 2009 a remastered CD of Odessa was released. Click on the link to see more info about it.

Odessa, 1969 (LP/CD)