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This album was released in 1968, the second album that year after "Horizontal" and the third British Bee Gees album.

The album was released with two different covers. On my copies, the LP has the light bulb and the CD has the composite face.

The album contains one song, "Such a shame", written by Vince Meloney, one of the members of the Bee Gees band.

The album was also released in a mono-version as records usually were these days, I have that one on CD and some songs sounds a little different due to different mixes.

1. Let there be love

2. Kitty can

3. In the summer of his years

4. Indian gin and whisky dry

5. Down to earth

6. Such a shame

7. I've gotta get a message to you

8. Idea

9. When the swallows fly

10. I have decided to join the airforce

11. I started a joke

12. Kilburn towers

13. Swan song

Idea, 1968 (LP/CD)