Göran Gustafsson

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Rare Precious and Beautiful, 1968 (LP)

Rare Precious and Beautiful Vol 2, 1968 (LP)

The Early Days Vol 3 (LP)

Peace Of Mind (LP)

Take Hold Of That Star (LP)

Mondays Rain (LP)

Turn Around Look At Me (LP)

The Bee Gees. French Untitled Album (LP)

Inception / Nostalgia (Double LP)

You Wouldnt Know (CD)

Studio Albums 1967-1968 (Remastered CD)

Odessa, 1969 (LP/CD)

2 Years On, 1970 (LP/CD)

Trafalgar, 1971 (LP/CD)

The Great Bee Gees (CD)

Three Kisses Of Love (CD)

Birth Of Brilliance (Double CD)

Brilliant From Birth (Double CD)

Bee Gees First, 1967 (LP/CD)

Horizontal, 1968 (LP/CD)

Idea, 1968 (LP/CD)

Cucumber Castle, 1970 (LP/CD)

Best Of Bee Gees Vol.2, 1970 (LP)

Bee Gees Best, 1970 (Double LP)

Trafalgar - Gold Disc Remastered (CD)

To Whom It May Concern, 1972 (LP/CD)

Robins Reign, 1969 (LP/CD)

Odessa / Sketches for Odessa (CD)

Life In A Tin Can, 1973 (LP/CD)

Starportrait International, 1970 (Double LP)


Massachusetts, Compilation 1974 (LP)

Ive Gotta Get A Message To You, Compilation 1974 (LP)

Mr Natural, 1974 (LP/CD)


Main Course, 1975 (LP/CD)

Best Of Bee Gees Vol.2, 1973 (LP)

Pop History Vol 5 - Bee Gees, 1975 (Double LP)


Children Of The World, 1976 (LP/CD)

Here At Last - Bee Gees - Live, 1976 (LP/CD)


Saturday Night Fever, 1977 (CD 1995 Remaster)


Saturday Night Fever, 1977 (CD Gold Disc by MSFL)


20 Greatest Hits, 1978 (LP)


Spirits Having Flown, 1979 (LP/CD)