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This double CD album was originally released on vinyl by "Festival Records" in 1978 and contains 32 of the early Australian recordings. This was the most extensive collection of the Australian songs until the Brilliant from birth was released in 1998.

CD 1:

1. Wine and women

2. I was a lover a leader of men

3. Timber

4. Claustrophobia

5. Could it be I'm in love with you

6. Peace of mind

7. To be or not to be

8. I don't think it's funny

9. Three kisses of love

10. The battle of the blue and gray

11. Theme from "Jaimie McPheeters"

12. Turn around, look at me

13. Everyday I have to cry

14. How love was true

15. You won't see me

16. Lonely winter

CD 2:

1. In the morning

2. Like nobody else

3. All by myself

4. Storm

5. Butterfly

6. Terrible way to treat your baby

7. Exit stage right

8. Coalman

9. I am the world

10. Cherry red

11. I want home

12. Monday's rain

13. How many birds

14. Secondhand people

15. Born a man

16. Spicks and specks

Birth Of Brilliance (CD)