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This album was released by ATCO (Atlantic Recording Corporation) in 1968 and contains some of the early Australian recordings. Robert Stigwood wrote the back sleeve notes:

"This album comprises old tracks recorded by the Gibb Brothers and some of them with Colin Petersen four to two years ago in Australia. It was hearing these tracks for the first time that first drew my attention to the Bee Gees. They are described as rare, precious and beautiful because they have now indeed become a collector's item. They show the blossoming of a gigantic song writing and performing talent that has now burst forth and is appreciated from all corners of the globe. They are not being released as current examples of the group's work but to please their millions of fans who are genuinely interested to hear what the group sounded like a few years ago. I regard these recordings with great affection as they represent a landmark in the extraordinary career of this incredibly talented group."

You can only agree with him, and thanks to Robert Silverstein for sending this record to me.

Side A:

1. Where are you (M.Gibb)
2. Spicks and specks (B.Gibb)
3. Playdown (B.Gibb)
4. Big chance (B.Gibb)
5. Glass house (B.Gibb)
6. How many birds (B.Gibb)

Side B:
1. Secondhand people (B.Gibb)
2. I don't know why I bother with myself (R.Gibb)
3. Monday's rain (B.Gibb)
4. Tint of blue (B. & R. Gibb)
5. Jingle jangle (B.Gibb)
6. Born a man (B.Gibb)

Rare Precious and Beautiful, 1968 (LP)