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1. In The Now
2. Grand Illusion

3. Star Crossed Lovers

4. Blowin’ a Fuse

5. Home Truth Song

6. Meaning of the Word

7. Cross To Bear

8. Shadows

9. Amy In Colour

10. The Long Goodbye

11. Diamonds

12. End Of The Rainbow

Bonus songs on the deluxe edition

13. Grey Ghost

14. Daddy’s Little Girl

15. Soldier’s Son

In The Now: Barry Gibb, 2016 (CD)

Barry is back! This CD was released in October 2016 and I am really happy to hear him again. The songs were collectively written by Barry and his sons Stephen and Ashley. Barry’s voice is very good and it’s really hard to believe that he is now 70 years old.

The album is a lot rockier than the average Bee Gees album, indicating that this is truly a Barry Gibb album ”In The Now”. But as always there are a mixed set of styles on the songs. The excellent first track ”In The Now” is followed by ”Grand Illusion”, a little rockier song. The next, ”Star Crossed Lovers”, is a sweeping ballad dedicated to his wife Linda. Then follows the rockier ”Blowin a Fuse”, which I really like, which in turn is followed by the Springsteen sounding ”Home Truth Song”. Then follows the terrific and romantic ”Meaning of the Word”. I really like that song.

The following song ”Cross to Bear” is very interesting, handling the topic of religion. It’s almost hypnotic to listen to. ”Amy In Colour” is a psychedelic sounding song. Very interesting. ”The Long Goodbye” and ”Diamonds” are two songs handling the themes of sadness and saying goodbye. ”If tears were diamonds I’d be a rich man now”.

Barry came up with ”End of the Rainbow” before Robin died in 2012. He even sang it to Robin while he was in a coma before he died. The song conveys the message that they have achieved the goals they had set up when they were kids. They had indeed reached the end of the rainbow.

I have the deluxe edition with three extra songs (although I already had them). ”Grey Ghost” is from 2006 and reportedly is about the december 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean where over 250,000 people died. The wall of water was really a grey ghost. Great and atmospheric song. ”Daddy’s little girl” is a sweet country ballad dedicated to his daughter Ali Gibb. ”Soldier’s Son” is a country song written for Ricky Scaggs. Here is Barry’s original version.

The best thing about Barry is that he allows himself to be influenced by others and always strive to take his songwriting a step further. This bunch of songs are no exception. They are in most parts a little different from what he previously have done although he through the years have tried to write and sing something rockier. On the 2001 album This is Where I Came In he did ”Voice in the Wilderness” and on the 1988 album Hawks he did ”Cover You” and ”System of Love”.

Barry, you are really the soundtrack of my life. I have listened to your songs since I was 13 years old and in 2016 I turned 51. I have followed you and all your brothers for as long I can remember. All I can say is thank you and please make more music for us to hear, if you feel like it. I will surely buy everything you release and I will also attend your concerts when it is possible. I saw you at Wembley in 1998 and in O2 Arena in 2013.