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CD 1 - Robin’s Reign ... Plus

1. August October (Stereo)

2. Gone Gone Gone (Stereo)

3. The Worst Girl In This Town (Stereo)

4. Give Me A Smile (Stereo)

5. Down Came The Sun (Stereo)

6. Mother And Jack (Stereo)

7. Saved By The Bell (Stereo)

8. Weekend (Stereo)

9. Farmer Ferdinand Hudson (Stereo)

10. Lord Bless All (Stereo)

11. Most Of My Life (Stereo)

Bonus Material

12. One Million Years (Stereo)

13. Hudson’s Fallen Wind (Stereo)

14. Saved By The Bell (Mono)

15. Mother And Jack (Mono)

16. One Million Years (Mono)
17. Weekend (Mono)
18. August October (Mono)

19. Give Me A Smile (Mono)

20. Lord Bless All (Alternate take - stereo)

Saved By The Bell: Robin Gibb, 2015 (3CD)

This CD was released in June 2015. The project to compile and restore Robin Gibb’s recordings from 1968-1970 took 10 years for the producer Andrew Sandoval. I cite a few lines from the booklet:

Making sense of Robin’s solo work has been an epic quest. Many recordings existed only on multi-track session reels and acetate discs from 1969 through 1970, and to properly present the material required immense patience and careful matching of mixes to the original acetates. Unfortunately, many recordings that widely circulate from this era were missing in the Bee Gees legitimate achive.

This makes this album a treasure for true Bee Gees and Robin Gibb fans. When Robin left the Bee Gees after Odessa he spent 12 months in the studio recording songs and throwing ideas around. Not all ideas were properly done before the next idea got his attention. It’s so good to finally have all this songs in the best possible condition instead of all different bootlegs with different speeds and homemade attempts of remastering. Thanks to all involved for the work you have done and the patience you must have had.

CD 2 - Sing Slowly Sisters - Sessions

1. Sing Slowly Sisters
2. Life

3. C’est La Vie, Au Revoir

4. Everything Is How You See Me

5. I’ve Been Hurt

6. Sky West And Crooked

7. Irons In The Fire

8. Cold Be My Days

9. Avalanche

10. Engines Aeroplanes

11. The Flag I Flew

12. Return To Austria

13. It’s Only Make Believe

14. All’s Well That Ends Well

15. A Very Special day

16. Great Caesar’s Ghost
17. Anywhere I Hang My Hat

18. Loud And Clear

19. Return To Austria (Demo)

20. Why Not Cry Together (Demo)

CD 3 - Robin’s Rarities

1. Alexandria Good Time
2. Janice

3. Love Just Goes

4. August Octobre ”Agosto Ottobre” (Italian)

5. One Million Years ”Un Milione De Ani” (Italian)

6. Saved By The Bell (BBC)

7. Robin Talks With Brian Matthew (BBC)

8. August October (BBC)

9. Weekend (BBC)

10. Give Me A Smile (BBC)

11. Robin Talks With David Wigg (BBC)

12. The Band Will Meet Mr Justice (Demo)

13. The People’s Public Poke Song (Demo)
14. Indian Gin And Whiskey Dry (Demo)

15. The Girl To Share Each Day (Demo)

16. Come Some Halloween Or Christmas Day (Demo)

17. Heaven In My Hands (Demo)

18. Most Of My Life (Demo)

19. Goodbye Good World (Demo)

20. Down Came The Sun (Demo)

21. Don’t Go Away (Demo)

22. Moon Anthem

23. Ghost Of Christmas Past