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1. Days Of Wine and Roses (2007)
2. Instant Love (2008)

3. Alan Freeman Days (2008)

4. Wherever You Go (2008)

5. I Am The World (New Version) (2008)

6. Mother Of Love (2006)

7. Anniversary (2008)

8. Sorry (2008)

9. Cherish (2005)

10. Don’t Cry Alone (2008)

11. Avalanche (2007)

12. One way Love (2010/2011)

13. Broken Wings (2008)

14. Sanctuary (2008)

15. Solid (2008)

16. All We Have Is Now (2008)
17. Sydney (demo from 2011)

50 St.Catherine’s Drive: Robin Gibb, 2014 (CD)

This CD was released in October 2014, two and a half years after Robin’s death. His son Robin-John (RJ) and wife Dwina made this compilation from the best of Robin’s unreleased songs mainly recorded between 2006 and 2008. I have seven of the songs before, some in other versions, and I am really glad that they compiled and released this properly for us to hear. My copy is a special edition ordered from the Isle of Man Post Office. The set with the CD, a DVD from the release party at 50 St.Catherine’s Drive in Isle of Man and a set of Robin Gibb stamps was a limited edition. Only 1,000 copies were made and mine is 435. I didn’t get number 1.

Dwina wrote a track-by-track commentary in the booklet where she explained what Robin thought about when he wrote each song. I am so glad that they finally released this CD, I really love these songs. They are all catchy pop songs with a lot of lifereflecting and insightful lyrics here and there. The overall impression is that I don’t think I have ever heard Robin sounding this lonely and sad. His voice is full of emotion and he sings his heart out. He sings ”my brother Maurice is still alive” in the song ”Alan Freeman Days” and in ”Sydney” he sings ”Back in Sydney, brothers are with me. Brothers and I”. That song is a demo he did at home in August 2011 and he didn’t finished it. I can almost hear him weep while singing. I remember when he put the demo on his website the next day for us fans to hear. This whole thing is so sad and you can safely say that he felt alone and missed his brothers the last years before his own death.

Although I love and enjoy all songs on the album I find that I click repeat more often on ”All we have is now” and ”Days of wine and roses”. These two songs are really beautiful. I also love ”Don’t cry alone” a lot but I have played it so many times since it was included on the Titainic Requeim so it’s not new to me. This is the exact same version.

I know that we will never know now, but I would really have liked to hear a last Barry & Robin album before it was to late. That was not to be, but listening to these songs I am sure that would have been a superb album. I saw Barry in London in October 2013 and he was very emotional on stage, almost crying sometimes from the love and response he received from the audience. At least he was very touched. I sat at row 5 in front of the stage and I could see and feel it clearly. There are/were so much emotion in the brothers. That’s why we love their songs!

My wish for coming years would be to have another posthumous album consisting of more unreleased songs from both Robin and Maurice. I know there are more unreleased songs in the archives. Why not release more songs when these batch of songs were this good? Let us fans here more unreleased songs, we feel so good when we hear them. I have followed Barry, Robin and Maurice since I was 13 and I will be 50 in 2015 so they have been a very, very, big part of my life. I really love their music.

Edit 2015-06-14: At last! The Robin Gibb ”lost songs” from 1968-1970 have been released. Robin’s Reign and Sing Slowly Sisters have been remastered together with an extra disc with rarities. Take a look at Saved By The Bell - The Collected Works Of Robin Gibb 1968-1970.