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After the death of Maurice in 2003 and Barry was out of sight for a few years, Robin toured Europe and Asia with this show. The show was recorded in Bonn in Germany in September 2004.

He performed a lot of Bee Gees classics, even songs so closely associated with Barry such as "Words" and "Stayin' Alive" as some real Robin-songs such as "Massachusetts", "Saved by the bell" and "Juliet".

The most questions was raised on the fact that he did a lot of Barry songs instead of just doing a show on his own. He did not even sing the song I most connect with Robin "I started a joke", nor did he sing the songs from his earlier solo career such as "Boys do fall in love".

But I suppose he wanted to do a lot of Bee Gees songs to honour the group he was part of for almost his entire life and that the audience probably expected to hear them also. The fact that Barry sang lead on most of them doesn't mean that Robin isn't entitled to sing them, after all he also had a hand in writing most of them. But I do wish with all my heart that he and Barry will start working together again.

I have both the CD and the DVD:

On the DVD you can also see his performance of "Emotion" and a few interviews.


1. Night fever

2. I've gotta get a message to you

3. How deep is your love

4. Nights on Broadway

5. Love hurts

6. Massachusetts

7. My lovers prayer

8. New York mining disaster 1941

9. Please

10. Saved by the bell

11. To love somebody

12. Words

13. You win again

14. Juliet

15. Tragedy

16. Jive talkin'

17. Stayin' alive

Live With The Neue Philharmonie Orchestra, 2005 (CD)