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Mythology, 2010 (4-CD Box)

This compilation celebrates The Bee Gees 50th anniversary in the music business. It was released in november 2010.

The special thing about this set is that the four discs presents songs for each Gibb-brother, including Andy. Barry selected songs for his disc, Robin for his, and the family of Maurice and Andy for their discs.

There are no new songs for us fans on Barry’s or Robin’s discs.

On Maurice’s disc there are some new songs, The Bridge and Angel of Mercy and the first CD release of Hold Her In Your Hand. I already had all these songs, but they are now officially released.

On Andy’s disc there is a first official release of the 1987 song Arrow Through The Heart. I had it earlier in a very bad quality and it’s now good to have it in the best possbile quality.