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This is a recording from the first One Night Only concert they did in Las Vegas in 1997.

I have the complete show on DVD and several songs have been dropped from this CD. The rest of the songs could in some places be bought on a bonus CD.

1. You should be dancing / Alone

2. Massachusetts

3. To love somebody

4. Words

5. Closer than close

6. Islands in the stream

7. (Our love) Don't throw it all away

8. Night fever / More than a woman

9. Lonely days

10. New York mining diaster 1941

11. I can't see nobody

12. And the sun will shine

13. Nights on Broadway

14. How can you mend a broken heart

15. Heartbreaker

16. Guilty

17. Immortality (with Celine Dion)

18. Tragedy

19. I started a joke

20. Grease

21. Jive talkin'

22. How deep is your love

23. Stayin' alive

24. You should be dancing

Bonus CD with songs dropped from the original CD:

1. I´ve gotta get a message to you

2. One

3. Still waters

4. Morning of my life

5. Too much heaven

6. Run to me

One Night Only, 1998 (CD)