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This album was released in 1993 and by many (me included) considered one of their best albums ever. I personally love this album.

"Haunted house" has a rythm and song structure that really gets me. Other standout cuts are, "Kiss of life", "Above and beyond", "For whom the bell tolls" and "Fallen angel".

One song I don't like at all is "Anything for you". Due to that I'll give it 9 points out of 10. If they had put the single backside songs "My Destiny" and "855 7019" on the album instead I would gladly have given it a 10!

1. Paying the price of love

2. Kiss of life

3. How to fall in love, Pt. 1

4. Omega man

5. Haunted house

6. Heart like mine

7. Anything for you

8. Blue island

9. Above and beyond

10. For whom the bell tolls

11. Fallen angel

12. Decadance

Size Isn’t Everything, 1993 (CD)