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This is a CD that was released in Japan in 1989.

It is a nice collection of songs and as the title says, almost all of them have not been widely spread on official CD's before. Bee Gees own versions of "If I can't have you", "Rest your love on me", "Our love don't throw it all away" have only been released on the Greatest package from 1979 and the maxi version of "He's a liar" have never been officially released on any CD before. The same goes for all mono mixed early songs.

1. Barker of the UFO (mono mix) (1.53)

2. Sinking ships (mono mix) (2.25)

3. Sir Geoffrey saved the world (mono mix) (2.15)

4. Jumbo (mono mix) (2.13)

5. The singer sang his song (mono mix) (3.09)

6. Tomorrow, tomorrow (mono mix) (4.03)

7. Sun in my morning (mono mix) (3.00)

8. Saved by the bell (mono mix) (3.22)

9. Railroad (3.41)

10. I'll kiss your memory (4.31)

11. Country woman (2.47)

12. My world (4.22)

13. On time (3.07)

14. Wouldn't I be someone (single edit) (4.06)

15. Elisa (2.50)

16. King and country (5.17)

17. It doesn't matter much to me (3.52)

18. If I can't have you (3.23)

19. Rest your love on me (4.24)

20. (Our love) Don't throw it all away (4.05)

21. He's a liar (maxi version) (4.36)

Bee Gees Rare Collection, 1989 (CD)