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This album was released in 1988, Europe only, and is a soundtrack from the movie with the same name. Barry was involved in writing the story. The movie is a black comedy with Timothy Dalton and Anthony Edwards. The soundtrack is very rare and the only official version I have found was a cassette copy. The CD was briefly around and even though I'm always looking for new Bee Gees material this one was over looked. When I found it in 1990 I had no idea it existed. If I didn't knew it existed I suppose a lot of other people didn't knew either (that was before Internet). Too bad because it's a really good one.

I have since then burned it to CD and even bought a bootlegged version of it. I have also received a CD-R copy of the officially released CD from a nice person, so I think I am safe now.

Side 1:

1. System of love (B.Gibb, Alan Kendall)

2. Childhood days (B.M.Gibb)

3. My eternal love (B.Gibb, Richard Powers)

4. Moonlight madness (B.Gibb, Allan Kendall, George Bitzer)

5. Where tomorrow is (B.R.M.Gibb)

Side 2:

1. Celebration de la vie (B.R.M.Gibb) Instrumental

2. Chain reaction (B.R.M.Gibb) Performed by Diana Ross

3. Cover you (B.Gibb, Karl Richardson)

4. Not in love at all (B.M.Gibb, George Bitzer)

5. Letting go (B.Gibb, George Bitzer)

Hawks, Barry Gibb, 1988 (CD)