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This album was released by Polydor after Saturday Night Fever and contains 20 of their greatest songs from 1967 up to 1976.

This was the second record by the Bee Gees I bought back in 1979 (After "Spirits Having Flown" which was my wake up call). This record showed me other sides of them besides the falsetto songs and if I wasn't hooked on them before I surely was now! The thing I remember of the summer of 1979, at the age of almost 14, is a hot sunny summer and the Bee Gees songs in my ears and my amazement of what a new wonderful world I had found! Excuse me for being so nostalgic, but for me it was pure magic and this was the start of my quest to collect every single song by the Gibb brothers I could ever find!

Side 1:

1. Massachusetts

2. I can't see nobody

3. Spicks and specks

4. To love somebody

5. Jive talkin'

6. Saved by the bell

7. I started a joke

8. Close another door

9. First of May

10. World

Side 2:

1. Words

2. I close my eyes

3. I.O.I.O

4. I've gotta get a message to you

5. New York mining disaster 1941

6. Nights on Broadway

7. Holiday

8. You should be dancing

9. Every christian lionhearted man will show you

10. Cucumber castle

Bee Gees 20 Greatest Hits, 1978 (LP)