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This album was released in 1975 and marked an exciting change in the brothers music. The change had already been noticed on the previous record "Mr Natural" but this record took it to new and higher levels.

They were once again produced by Arif Mardin who had worked with soul artists before, for instance "The Average White Band". He really brought out the best in them and Barry did his first serious falsetto singing on "Nights on Broadway". ”Jive Talkin’” was a big hit and I also really like the ballads. All songs on the album has very high quality.

1. Nights on Broadway

2. Jive talkin'

3. Wind of change

4. Songbird

5. Fanny (be tender with my love)

6. All this making love

7. Country lanes

8. Come on over

9. Edge of the universe

10. Baby as you turn away

Main Course, 1975 (LP/CD)