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This album was released in 1973 and contains only 8 tracks. The songs are very low arranged and seems to be a low cost production although I think the songs are really nice. I come back to this once and again.

The album marked the bottom for them as the next record they recorded was never released. It was "A Kick In The Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants" but I have it on several bootleg CD's. Their musical style was not selling which lead to a new approach on the next released record, "Mr Natural" in 1974.

1. Saw a new morning

2. I don't wanna be the one

3. South Dakota morning

4. Living in Chicago

5. While I play

6. My life has been a song

7. Come home Johnny Bridie

8. Method to my madness

Life In A Tin Can, 1973 (LP/CD)