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This album was released in 1970 and it was their first album together after the breakup 18 months earlier. The hit song "Lonely days" came from this record.

A lot of the songs must have been written individually during the split because you can clearly tell which song is Barry (Tell me why), Robin (Sincere relation) and Maurice (Lay it on me). 1970 was a very productive year for the individual Gibb brother. I have over 100 songs written in 1969/70, almost all of them unreleased due to their split and reunion.

1. 2 years on

2. Portrait of Louise

3. Man for all seasons

4. Sincere relation

5. Back home

6. The 1st mistake I made

7. Lonely days

8. Alone again

9. Tell me why

10. Lay it on me

11. Every second, every minute

12. I'm weeping

Two Years On, 1970 (LP/CD)