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This album was originally released as a double vinyl album by "Karussell" and contains some of the early Australian recordings. Some of these songs were not written by the brothers. The composers are stated after every song. I also have it on CD but all songs, and a few more, are on the superb and ultimate collection Brilliant From Birth released in 1998.

Inception, side A:

1. In the morning (B.Gibb)

2. Like nobody else (B.R.M.Gibb)

3. Daydream (Sebastian)

4. Lonely winter (Unknown)

5. You're the reason (Edwards/Imes/Henley/Fell)

6. Coalman (B.Gibb)

Inception, side B:

1. Butterfly (B.R.M.Gibb)

2. Storm (B.R.M.Gibb)

3. Lum-de-loo (R.Gibb)

4. You're nobody till somebody loves you (Morgan/Stock/Cavanaugh)

5. You won't see me (Lennon/McCartney

6. The end (Jacobson/Kronds)

Nostalgia, side A:

1. I'll know what to do (B.R.M.Gibb)

2. All by myself (M.Gibb)

3. Ticket to ride (Lennon/McCartney)

4. I love you because (Leon Payne)

5. Paperback writer (Lennon/McCartney)

6. Somewhere from "West Side Story" (Bernstein/Sondheim)

Nostalgia, side B:

1. The twelfth of never (Livingston/Webster)

2. Forever (B.R.M.Gibb)

3. Top hat (B.Gibb)

4. Hallelujah, I love her so (Ray Charles)

5. Terrible way to treat your baby (B.R.M.Gibb)

6. Exit stage right (B.R.M.Gibb)

Inception / Nostalgia (LP)