Göran Gustafsson

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This album was released by ATCO (Atlantic Recording Corporation) in 1970 and contains some more of the early Australian recordings. Thanks to Robert Silverstein for sending this record to me.

Side A:

1. I was a lover, a leader of men (M.Gibb)

2. Follow the wind (B.Gibb)

3. Claustrophobia (B.Gibb)

4. Theme from the travels of Jamie McPheeters (J.Winn & L.Harline)

5. Everyday I have to cry (A.Alexander)

6. Take hold of that star (B.Gibb)

Side B:

1. Could it be (B.Gibb)

2. To be or not to be (B.Gibb)

3. The three kisses of love (B.Gibb)

4. Cherry red (B. Gibb)

5. All of my life (B.Gibb)

6. Don't say goodbye (B.Gibb)

Rare Precious and Beautiful Vol 2, 1968 (LP)