Bee Gees: Lost & Found Vol 2

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This is another CD with some Gibb rarities.  The songs on this CD with Andy Gibb together with ABBA and Olivia Newton-John can be found elsewhere in my collection as a complete show of approx. 47 minutes. The Bee Gees versions of the songs "Emotion" and "Heartbreaker" was released in 2001 on "The Record" but they were slightly edited and faded earlier than these on this CD.

1. To a girl - Andy Gibb
2. Emotion (1998 unedited studio version) - Bee Gees
3. Heartbreaker (1998 studio version) - Bee Gees
4. Bee Gees medley - Andy Gibb with Olivia N-J and ABBA
5. Ultrabrite jingle - Maurice Gibb
6. To love somebody (a'capella) - Bee Gees
7. Remember the old school yard - Andy Gibb & Olivia N-J
8. Will you love me tomorrow - Andy Gibb & Pat Arnold
9. The promise you made - Bee Gees
10. Gilbert Green - Bee Gees
11. Gena's theme (Polydor 30 stars version) - Bee Gees
12. Barbara Ann - ABBA, Olivia N-J & Andy Gibb
13. Help me Rhonda - ABBA, Olivia N-J & Andy Gibb
14. And the rain will fall (live) (only left speaker) - Bee Gees
15. This is where I came in (Radio Hamburg Maurice intro) - Bee Gees
16. This is where I came in (Live somewhere) - Bee Gees