Bee Gees: Lost & Found

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This is a CD with a lot of Gibb rarities. I will indicate where the songs (or part of songs) come from, in the cases I have that information. It is however not easy, and a few of the songs are not Gibb-songs at all.

1. Alabama - Maurice Gibb (unreleased solo 1970)
2. Alexanders ragtime band - Bee Gees Melbourne 1974
3. Andy Gibb & Dean Martin sketch
4. Bein home - Maurice Gibb (unreleased solo 1971)
5. City of angels (part only) (written in 1981, never released)
6. Don't take my good times away (part of)
7. Give me a glass of wine - Maurice Gibb (unreleased solo 1970)
8. I lay down and die (alternate version) (original from "Cucumber Castle" 1969)
9. I miss you - Anne Sheeton & The Bee Gees
10. Kangaroo dance
11. Let it be - Barry Gibb (part of)
12. Let me love you (interview on top)
13. Let me love you (part of), 1960
14. Let me love you (interview about first songs)
15. Let your heart out (part of) (unreleased Bee Gees recording 1968)
16. Love is just a calling card (part of) - Robin Gibb (1982, leftover from "How old are you")
17. Morning sun
18. Mrs. Gillespies refrigerator (alternate version) (unreleased demo 1966)
19. Remember the days (Andy Gibb, Olivia Newton John and ABBA, TV-show 1978 or 1979)
20. She's like the devil
21. Thank heaven for little girls - Andy Gibb
22. To dance again (unreleased Bee Gees song 1970)
23. Touch and understand love - Maurice Gibb (unreleased solo 1970)
24. We can conquer the world (part of) - Robin Gibb (unreleased 1970)
25. Westfield mansion - Andy Gibb
26. What a wonderful you - Not a Gibb song at all, misidentified as Maurice Gibb
27. What's new Mary Jane - Maurice Gibb
28. Woman (a radio trensmission where they introduce Woman as a Bee Gees song ?)
29. Xmas day of halloween - Robin Gibb