Barry Gibb: The Kid's No Good

This bootleg contains 19 tracks recorded in 1970 (Jan-Aug). The tracks comes from demo recordings and were supposed to be turned into a solo album but it was never released. Some tracks comes from Fan Club recordings and a radio or TV show. Two of the tracks appeared on a single in 1970, "I'll kiss your memory" and "This time". Some of these tracks were recorded and released by other artists when the album was cancelled.

1. Mando bay
2. One bad thing
3. The day your eyes meet mine (fast version)
4. Happiness
5. Peace in my mind
6. Clyde O'Riley
7. I just wanna take care of you / It's over
8. I'll kiss your memory
9. The victim
10. This time
11. What's it all about
12. Born
13. The day's your eyes meet mine (slow version)
14. Moonlight
15. King Cathy
16. I can bring love
17. Summer ends
18. I'll kiss your memory (mono version)
19. This time (mono version)