Barry Gibb: The "Original" Hawks

This is a Drifter bootleg-CD, claiming to be the album Barry originally meant it to be released, back in 1988. I doubt that, but that doesn't make the music less enjoyable. The music was originally released as a soundtrack from the movie with the name "Hawks". Barry was involved in writing the story together with David English if my memory serves me right. This CD contains some other demos from that period that wasn't released on the official "Hawks"-album. Another odd thing about this CD is that the original "Childhood days", that was even released as a single (I have it), is not included. The only version of it is included as a "bonus track", a japanese extended mix.

1. Moonlight madness
2. My eternal love
3. System of love
4. Where tomorrow is
5. In search of love
6. Cover you
7. The savage is loose
8. Not in love at all
9. Words of a fool
10. Distant strangers
11. Change
12. Letting go

Bonus tracks:

13. Celebration de la vie (Alternate version 1)
14. Childhood days (Japanese extended mix)
15. Seagull's cry
16. Celebration de la vie (Alternate version 2)
17. Celebration de la vie (Alternate version 3)
18. Eternal love (closing theme) Taken from the movie
19. Words of a fool / Marley purt drive (Bee Gees 1991 soundcheck)
20. Siren chase