The Fantastic Bee Gees

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The CD contains a mix of Bee Gees recordings, some single backsides and other songs not so easy obtainable. There are two songs here that the Gibb's did not write: "Will you love me tomorrow" and "Save your heart for me".

1. How deep is your love (intro)
2. Love never dies
3. Paradise
4. Will you love me tomorrow
5. Face to face (Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton-John)
6. Shape of things to come
7. Shine shine
8. Still waters run deep (demo)
9. What kind of fool (live)
10. My destiny
11. I started a joke (unplugged)
12. Bunbury afternoon
13. 855-7019
14. Childhood days
15. Rings around the moon
16. Emotion
17. You win again (extended version)
18. Save your heart for me (studio)